Who We Are

Refugees and immigrants bravely leave behind everything to seek safety, a life free from fear, and the chance for a new start. Neighbors for Refugees is a 501(c)(3) Westchester non-profit and resettlement organization. We are a non-political, grassroots humanitarian group located in Westchester County, NY, organized to welcome Westchester  refugees and other new Americans to Westchester and communities nearby.  Westchester refugees and other new Americans, both here in our state and elsewhere.

As volunteers, we come alongside our new neighbors to empower them throughout their first year of transition as they reach self-sufficiency. We provide services such as setting up an apartment before their arrival, orienting them to their new community, getting children in school and adults into ESL classes, assisting in locating jobs or building a business, and supporting them in navigating a new culture and language.  refugee resettlement, community connections, ESL support, career assistance, and we also help with social services and empowerment initiatives.


Our Vision

We envision Westchester as a place where new Americans may fully participate in our community, where families receive the resources needed to become self-supporting and thrive in a safe, welcoming environment.

Our Mission

We advocate for the rights of refugees everywhere and work directly with refugee families to provide them with the necessary services, resources, and community support to bolster their resilience, achieve self-sufficiency and thrive in their new homes. 

Board Members


Frank Pierson, President & Director

Jmel Wilson, Vice-President & Director

Richard Berry, Treasurer & Director

Elaine Wanderer, Secretary & Director             


Ruth Gyure, Director

Ashita Batavia, Director

Pam Bolton, Director

Jane Klein, Director

Ellen Dupuy d’Angeac, Director

Robert Klein, Director

William Gensburg, Director

Michael Reichgott, Director

Rania Saghir, Director

Nazanine Scheuer, Director


Our Story

It all began at a kitchen table...

In November 2016, eight women gathered around a kitchen table of a Syrian American family in Larchmont, New York. We came from different faith traditions, different national origins, and a mix of backgrounds and experiences. We had one focus: to find a way to begin welcoming refugee families to our communities. Within two months, our group had grown to over 200 volunteers and we were approved by two resettlement agencies, HIAS and Catholic Charities, to begin welcoming refugees. In early March, our first refugee arrived - a young man from Pakistan. Today we have now welcomed three families to our community and we have supported a number of families outside of Westchester on Long Island, in New Haven, CT, in Rochester, NY, and in many other places.

Our Partners

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