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Here's What's Happening with NFR 

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NFR Makes the New York Times!

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We are honored to be receiving $30,000 from Welcome Fund!
In total, they have raised over $5.6 million in funding for organizations aiding Afghan allies.

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GlobeDocs Presents:
'Dear Refugee. Love, Zarmina'

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An Afghan refugee to America from the 1980s pens a letter to incoming Afghan refugees sharing an understanding with them of the many decades of struggle they have endured in their home country.


Their struggles continue as they leave everything behind and move into the unknown. The film offers insight into what starting a new life is like for refugees and the challenges they endure. 

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On this year’s World Refugee Day, as forced displacement hits a record-breaking high, celebrate resilience and support resettled families in our Westchester community.


Featuring food and crafts made by refugees, asylees and immigrants from all over the world for sale; information to learn and take action; and opportunities to hear the stories of those who bravely fled from violence and persecution, and found a new home in the U.S. The event will be outside, weather permitting; all ages welcome.


Neighbors Served


Volunteers Engaged

Through its Road to Independence Fund (Y2I), Neighbors for Refugees, a Westchester nonprofit and refugee resettlement organization, has helped more than 300 Westchester refugees, SIV's, asylum seekers, and refugees in the New York TriState areas.


These families have escaped violence and persecution to live in a safer and more secure environment. Our programs have given New York Refugees, and our neighbors, the tools and networks needed to move from surviving to thriving. We are truly about building a better life together.

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What We Do

I urge you to celebrate the extraordinary courage and contributions of refugees past and present.


- Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General

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Neighbors For Refugees red heart icon
Neighbors For Refugees red heart icon


Our Families

NFR Takes a Position

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